I was assigned to design an emblem for a fictional event of my choosing. I chose an animation film festival based in Phoenix. I wanted to create an event separate from the Phoenix Film Festival, and also wanted to use an animation-focused event to explore how creative I could be and what kind of vibrant and lively color palettes I could make. I included a play button dripping with paint that replaces the "A" in the emblem, symbolizing the artistic and video aspects of animation. To create some variety, I made the first "F" a dashed outline as a nod to indicate movement between different animation frames.
The next assignment was to redesign merch and packaging for the created event, using the emblem and certain elements created in the previous assignment. I used Dimensions to create these mockups. I designed a hoodie with stripes on the sleeves and an emblem on the back. A modified triangle with paint is featured on the front. The sponsor for the event is also featured on the left sleeve. Next, I designed a drawstring bag that attendees could wear to the event and keep after. I designed a cover for a sketchpad, as animators need to draw and provide them with some resources that will allow the brand to be seen outside of the event. I also designed 4 stickers that could be purchased in a pack or given out for free. I wanted to explore the different symbols and ways you could represent the event.

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